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Our Group Classes   
                  Group class  1 hour each week,for 6 weeks. 

Serving the Show low and and surronding area   Small classes, means more attention to you and your pup..
Please call to sign up 623-486-3017                      
No New Class is Scheduled at this time.

   The cost is $125 per dog.Discount of $35 for 2 or more dogs. Each dog must have a separate Handler.                                                                


This class is open to dog friendly dogs and begins with loose leash walking, basic control behaviors such as sit,down, stand, leave it , go to your mat, and staying until released. As the group progresses, there will be distraction training and proofing behaviors, we train with positive reinforcement so please do not bring choke collars, prong collars, or e-collars

Requirements: dogs must be dog friendly.
Your dog should be at least 12 weeks old Be sure your pup is hungry, bring small soft pea size treats, a 6' lead and proof of shots, Rabies & bordatella, & WATER FOR YOU AND YOU DOG!  LOTS OF WATER

Certified Trainer      Nancy Langlois
Ask about our 
S.T.A.R. Puppy Class

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