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Private Lessons In your home
 Lessons can be day or evenings.  Call  Now!         Check the Special page for the Discounts !
Private At-home training  provides you with
as much individual assistance as you need and can
be scheduled around your busy schedule.  Many issues need to be
addressed in the home;  jumping all over visitors
or trying to run out the door, needs to be addressed in the home  environment. 
Some dogs are  reactive or shy and need to start their training in the security
of the home.  A  training program that will specifically meet the needs of you
and your dog.   This program is for dogs of all ages.
Problems that are addressed, but not limited to, are the following:

Basic Obedience
    Sit on command (maintaining a sit/stay)
    Down on command (maintaining a down/stay)
    Go to a place (bed, rug, or mat)
    Walk with you (loose leash)
    Recall (come) to you off leash from a distance
Basic Manners
    Off of furniture (if desired)
    No Jumping on people
    Quiet on command
    Waiting at the door
    Eliminate puppy/play biting
Pre-Therapy and Pre Canine Good Citizen Preparation
 5 Lessons $595
One time Session $150
 Address up to two issues (example: barking, jumping, digging)
  •  Approximately 1 and 1/2 hours
  •  Unlimited follow -up via phone or email if needed
Need help with Aggression
  • . A few suggestions below.
  • Check with your Veterinarian to be sure your dog is not in pain or sick. 
  • Don’t make excuses for the behavior. It is often useful to study the “ABCs”
  •  of aggression (Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence), but this does not mean
  •  that one can excuse or accept the behavior.
  • Safety first!  Close supervision of the dog at all times, especially around children.
  • No physical punishment. 
  • Require  the dog defer to you (usually with a simple “sit” command) for
  • everything it wants – food, toys, going outside, etc. 
  • Ignore all demands for attention made by your dog. Dogs should be given
  • lots of love and affection, but they should never be permitted to demand
  • play, petting, toys or attention.
  • Avoid situations which have triggered previous attacks. 
  • Do not tie the dog outside for extended periods of time.
  • No rough play, chase, keep away or other inappropriate games.
We work with you and your dog to help you learn to communicate
effectively so you can understand your dog and have consistent Results.
We teach using effective Positive Reinforcement Techniques and develop
 A reward based program customized for each dog.
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