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April 15,2014
I would just like to thank you for all your have done for our family. I have seen vast improvements in all the dogs and will recommend you to everyone I know that has dogs or is looking at getting a dog.
Josh and Family. Peoria, AZ

January 8, 2014
Nancy,While out getting dog food today, I witnessed what I know as not so good dog training! And I just wanted to thank you for being a good person and excellent trainer! I am glad I had the pleasure of meeting you. Thank you for training me and my dog.! Hope all is well with you and your family!
Sarah and Riot, Surprise, AZ

Nancy did a great job with my shy feral dog. She helped me understand how my dog sees the world and explained her trust issues and told me which of my own behaviors I need to change so that my dog will feel safe. My dog began doing better right away with bathroom issues. I recommend Nancy without reservation. She is a pleasure to work with and goes out of her way to help.
Katherine Cox ( Glendale AZ)


My 10-month Welsh Terrier, Bruno, is one of the happiest dogs thanks to the basic obedience training by Happy Waggin’Tailz with Nancy Langlois. She runs a well-developed course that is truly amazing, covering areas beyond basics, such as pet behavior and socialization. Her knowledge and, most important, the only use of positive reinforcement methods applied to dog-training are remarkable. Nancy is very accommodating to the particular needs of your dog based on the nature of the breed. I was impressed with Nancy’s training techniques and how the program progresses, and most important, seeing great results in my dog! Whoa. Whether you are raising a puppy or considering further dog training beyond basics, Nancy Langlois with Happy Waggin’Tailz is the right dog-trainer for your pet. I most definitely recommend her. She will meet your expectations. 
Gus Pennock (Phoenix, AZ)

Jennifer George - (Peoria AZ) 
A year ago, I met Nancy while looking for a dog trainer to help me with a new puppy (Miles) that I adopted.  We were having a rough time as we were not sleeping.  I learned that she was the one that rescued Miles mom.  Within a couple days, she came over and taught me about training Miles and what to expect during different stages in his life.  Since then, I have taken several classes from Nancy.  She is very professional and loves what she does.  She goes above and beyond her job.  She helped me train two wonderful puppies.  One is still rough around the edges but she is learning how to swim from Nancy.  Great way to burn up energy.   Words cannot express how lucky I am to meet Nancy and have her apart
of my dogs lives .  

 T. Csabon - (Sun City AZ)
Having a canine behavioral problem or desire a well trained pooch? Nancy will educate you and "Poochie" with a variety of commands /corrections that really work for you and your most precious 4- legged companion. Nancy puts the talent in training and works on making a wonderful member of the family enjoy behaving.....She's a winner.   T. Csabon      
Char Broadbent-(Avondale AZ)
Gigi a 2 year Papillon  was so fearful that it took Nancy 2 hours to get her to come near her. After several visits Gigi is doing so much better and I am even able to take her to visit my husband in rehab without her going totally crazy. Potty and Crate Training are coming along nicely as well.
 I do know if I hadn't found you I would never be where I am with Gigi now. Thanks for all your help.
Shelly Waters-  (Phoenix AZ)
  I loved Nancy with Happy Waggin  Tailz training, she really taught me how to communicate with my dog! We adopted Buster in September of 2010 when he showed up at our house with no tags, underweight and dehydrated oh did I forget to mention how wild he was. Buster was a big into jumping and nipping at people to get attention and play which was not going to work with our three year old son. I did some reading and tried to work with him on my own for awhile then I signed up for a class with Nancy and saw results after the first session! I was in shock I never thought this dog would calm down. After only six sessions with Nancy and only 15 min a day of practice I am happy to say that Buster is a totally different dog and actual listens to me when I give him commands he also takes commands from my now four year old son! Taking this class with Buster really opened my eyes to how dogs think and how to communicate with him, it was the best money I have ever spent! Thank you Nancy and Happy Waggin Tailz Training!!!!!!!!!
Terry Monacelli -  (Peoria AZ)
   I 'm so excited...today's graduation for my little Paisley! Happy Waggin Tailz training class has met all of our expectations and has been a fun experience. Thank you Nancy!
Laura Hudson- (Scottsdale AZ)Thanks for helping me with Lacey ( Rescue greyhound mix)She did so well in her obedience training and is learning new things everyday.Thanks for teaching me how to help her, too!
Vicki Webber – (Phoenix AZ)
My dog Barney and I have been in training with Happy Waggin Tailz this last 6 weeks .
Nancy our trainer is very adept at training dogs and you can tell how much she cares about the animals and that says a lot about her in my book, The dogs seem to know what she wants by her gentle commands and follow her lead .So if your looking her a dog trainer I would say give her a call .
Amanda Cerniglia – (Phoenix AZ)
I was extremely impressed and satisfied with Nancy's professionalism and knowledge. My black lab/blue heeler Samson is a new dog! We are so happy!
Problem Loose leash Walking & Listening: 
Rocky, our chocolate lab, was 8 months old when we got him from the Humane Society and was already 55 lbs of muscle and determination. Walking him was a real job as he loved to pull us down the road and he wouldn’t listen at all. We attempted a group training class at a local chain pet store and after the first lesson we knew it wouldn’t work. It took everything we had just to control Rocky from playing with all the other dogs and was learning nothing. We contacted Nancy begging for some help. She came to our house and worked with us and Rocky. We were amazed at how well he responded to her training. She taught us what to do and what to expect from the dog and the results are extremely good. We highly recommend Happy Waggin’ Tail to anyone with a dog they need to train. Rocky is still a pup and has some relapses to his old ways but he quickly comes back after a few commands. Thanks Nancy for all your help.
Joe & Dawn Young
Rocky The Chocolate Lab
Basic Training:
The level of service at Happy Waggin Tailz LLC is fantastic. Having been a customer. I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. They helped me chose a rescue dog for my daughter and helped to train him and he is doing excellent. Thank you!”
Jo Hansen & Poncho,Sun City AZ
 Problem: Walking on Leash & Jumping: 
In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Happy Waggin Tailz LLC was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding.  Our Pit Bull is coming along nicely.Keep up the good work!”
R.Hernandez & Beauty, Peoria AZ
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