Happy Waggin Tailz LLC - Canine Behavior & Obedience Training    623.486.3017
Nancy Langlois  Owner / Main Trainer
 It would be my pleasure to put my extensive experience to work for you.
Hi, I 'm Nancy the main trainer and owner for Happy Waggin'Tailz. I am a Certified Graduate of the Animal Behavior College for professional dog trainers.
- Certified in Canine CPR and First Aid
- Certified for Shelter Dog Training. 
- A member of the APDT-   (Association of   Pet Dog Trainers)
- A Mentor for Animal Behavior College
- I was a Volunteer at AAWL
- CGC Evaluator (Canine Good Citizen)
 I have recently taken a canine pack management class and am continually  reading or taking seminars to improve my training in order to better benefit my clients.
We use Positive Reinforcement Methods only!
We reward dogs when they do something right, rather than punishing them when they do something wrong.
We do not use, nor advocate the use of, choke chains, prong or electric collars, or physical punishment of any kind. Instead, we use a balance of meaningful rewards and proven scientific training techniques to promote safe, humane and effective dog training.

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